November 7th, 2020

10:00 a.m. Start

ALL monies will go to Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154.


According to a Department of Veterans Affairs, study, each day more than  20 veterans take their own lives. It takes a community to heal a warrior."

- Mission 22

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What is a Ruck March?

A ruck march involves walking at a fast clip with a weighted backpack or ruck.  In the Armed Forces, participants carry at least 45 pounds in their rucks.


For this event, we are asking participants to carry at least 22 pounds or 22 items.

Why 22?

On average, 22 veterans commit suicide in the United States.


By carrying at least 22 pounds of food or 22 personal items, we show our support for our veterans.

If we all carry the burden, no one has to do it alone.


The Ruck 22 March is held by the Royal Oak Veterans Events Committee each year on the Saturday before Veterans Day. The Committee consists of citizen volunteers dedicated to memorializing our fallen soldiers and honoring our veterans. The Ruck 22 March is our way to raise awareness of the issue of Veteran Suicide.


course Map

This year, due to COVID-19, the ruck march is an individual march. Since we can’t gather together to march together, we ask that you pick a 2.2-mile route and march on your own. Given our mission for the Ruck 22 March, we hope you’ll spend the time reflecting on service and service members, and the issue of veteran suicide. For those 2 miles, we hope you’ll focus on solutions to help those suffering after their watch has ended.

"The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude." - Jeff Miller

This year, we are not collecting donations of food or supplies or clothing. Please sign up for the march and all the proceeds go directly to help needy veterans. That’s how you can donate this year.



Entry fee is $22 and includes a Ruck 22 beanie hat. All proceeds will be donated to VVA Chapter 154 to help needy and homeless veterans.


Thanks for submitting!

The Royal Oak Veterans Events Committee, located in Royal Oak, Michigan, consists of:

  • David London, Chair

  • Ilene Harmon, Secretary

  • Judy Davids

  • Cynthia Garrett

  • Max Moylan

  • Mike Sherman

  • John Williams

The committee is a volunteer force dedicated to memorializing our fallen soldiers and honoring our veterans. If you have questions regarding the Ruck 22 March, please contact Judy Davids at judyd@romi.gov or call ‭(248) 672-5418‬.

For more information, view the committee's site at romi.gov/492/Veterans-Events-Committee